Nokia Lumia Project

Here is the video that we made for Nokia latest phone, featuring a new song from the upcoming album.

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Some exciting news, recently we got involved in a very cool project, working with Nokia and Microsoft to make a short movie captured with the latest Nokia phone. Today all the videos are online and people can vote to choose the best one.
Van Ditthavong (the director)​ who was selected by Nokia as one of the five filmmakers around the world, decided to make this movie with The Casualty Process
All films shot entirely on the Nokia Lumia Icon with no post production or audio manipulation​.
In the video, we are performing A Silent Hymn, a song from the upcoming album and also you’ll see the new faces (Austin Dacey and Jordan Miller) in the band, which I am so excited about.
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Here you go:

Bringing Impossible Music! (Norton, MA)

Bringing Impossible Music! (Norton, MA)